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The thoughts is a story-telling machine – it likes to overthink, plan, choose, critique, and manage itself in unhelpful methods. Put merely, the thoughts is usually its personal best menace. Fortunately, we’ve the power to train the thoughts, and we are able to discover ways to really feel extra relaxed and calmer by means of training mindfulness while listening to music.

“What is mindfulness?” You could also be asking. Mindfulness is a liberating observe that enables us to be fully engaged within the present second. It has been practiced for 1000’s of years and it’s about bringing attention, consciousness, and curiosity to the entire senses which are present within the right here and now.

The method we’re in a position to train mindfulness as a talent is to deliberately convey our focus to the present second and to every little thing we expertise. Mindfulness is a superb software for everybody. In this text, I can be sharing how we are able to hearken to music with a conscious strategy – utilizing sound as an object of focus for the thoughts.

Both music and mindfulness supply unbelievable therapeutic potential, and the 2 particular person practices are in a position to complement each other. Practicing conscious listening is confirmed to spice up our general wellbeing and cut back stress. In reality, the health benefits of mindfulness are really nothing in need of extraordinary.

How To Practice Mindful Listening

 When training conscious listening, I invite you to pay additional particular attention to all of the completely different sounds you possibly can hear and the entire sensations you are feeling. Pay shut attention to the contact of your body on the chair, and your toes on the ground, and spot what the breath looks like inside your lungs as you inhale and exhale.

Choose any piece of music to hearken to. It is usually a acquainted music you take pleasure in or one thing totally new. Take some deep breaths and really feel your self grounded within the chair or wherever you’re sat.

Once you’re prepared, press play and easily take up all of the sounds by means of your headphones or audio system. Close your eyes and deal with the entire completely different facets of the music because it unfolds.


The Different Sounds To Explore

There are so many new methods to discover music, and each music is totally completely different. Bringing a conscious strategy to music can completely rework the expertise and permit you to interact with the music in a extra significant method. Here are some other ways you possibly can convey a curious thoughts to the sounds in a chunk of music.

1.) Try paying attention to the timbre of the various kinds of devices you possibly can hear. Imagine it’s the very first time you’ve got ever heard a selected kind of instrument. As the music develops hearken to how the completely different devices talk with each other throughout the composition.

2.) Notice the dynamics of the music and the altering ranges of depth. Without judging or analyzing, familiarize your self with the beat and the way the music flows. Is it delicate and balanced or extra aggressive by nature? Rhythm performs an enormous half in music and affords infectious power to the listener.

3.) Now take up the temper of the music. Is it shiny and cheerful? Or does it maybe have a extra solemn tone? Notice if the music progressively builds up in pressure and affords a climactic launch. Perhaps there is likely to be a key change. Does the music sound easy and melodic or is there extra harmonic dissonance?

4.) If the music has vocals, deal with the distinctive tone and the vary of the singer. What kind of voice does she or he have? It could possibly be softer or a extra highly effective voice. Try and pay attention to the tone, the emotion, and the melodies expressed by the singer.


Final Thoughts

 Mindfulness is about accepting what arises with out judgment, and to relaxation within the present second. Naturally, you’ll change into distracted by ideas and emotions – however attempt not to withstand them. If you discover that you simply change into distracted, then you possibly can convey your attention again to the body, the breath and the sounds you expertise. There isn’t any have to make judgments or criticisms of the sounds that you simply hear.

We are surrounded by music. It is simple that it impacts individuals’s moods and feelings. Being in a position to actually tune into the music we hearken to can improve the expertise and supply qualities of reassurance and calm. The focus of mindfulness is very similar to a highlight that we are able to gently guide our attention in the direction of with a way of curiosity and openness. There doesn’t have to be a lot effort required – it’s a really gentle strategy. I invite you to easily expertise the sensations and sounds that come up.

 Mindfulness will be discovered by anybody; it’s only a talent that’s educated and nurtured with time. Try to not have any expectations, however to easily take pleasure in permitting the present second to unfold.

Written By-  Gideon Waxman  for The American Institute of Stress


Gideon Waxman is a  London based mostly drummer and music educator. He holds a bachelor of music diploma from the University of Westminster and is absolutely certified to show mindfulness-based stress discount packages. You can discover extra of his recommendation at Drum Helper, which is a free on-line useful resource devoted to serving to drummers obtain extra from their taking part in.



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