The Supreme Court Blocks Good Law, Endangering Women


Today’s 5-4 choice in June Medical Services v. Russo is a discouraging growth in a now 47-year marketing campaign to protect and shield preborn life.

By a slim majority, the Supreme Court dominated that commonsense security precautions for abortion clinics are in some way unconstitutional. Louisiana lawmakers had handed laws to guard women searching for abortions after it was found some amenities had been ignoring primary security rules, together with one clinic hiring an ophthalmologist and a radiologist to carry out abortions.

In a very curious and irritating twist, Chief Justice Roberts, who sided with the Court’s liberals, mentioned the Court is merely following the authorized precedent it set in its 2016 Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt choice which struck down a Texas requirement that abortionists receive admitting privileges at a close-by hospital – though Roberts dissented in that case 4 years in the past. 

In different phrases, Chief Justice Roberts was towards abortion restrictions – till he was for them.

Chief Roberts’ dedication to precedent seems to be politically selective and calculating, particularly because the composition of the Supreme Court was completely different in 2016. By Roberts’ commonplace of Stare Decisis supremacy, the horrific Dred Scott choice that upheld slavery would nonetheless be the regulation of the land. 

Our quest to guard each life below regulation continues unabated. The Supreme Court of the United States doesn’t dictate the guts of man. Like the lengthy and wearisome quest to emancipate black Americans, these of us who oppose abortion will proceed our marketing campaign for the dignity and respect of all life.

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