Overcome Your Prejudice, To Be A Good Astrologer


zodiac elkes signsYou’ll by no means be capable to actually learn a chart except you overcome your prejudice. You have to have the ability to have a look at the entire. This is akin to standing in entrance of a mirror, bare.

It’s regular to have some bias when studying a chart you will need to transcend this so the symbols can communicate to you. To illustrate what I imply, it is vitally frequent individuals deny a part of their chart. They have every kind of hinky methods to do that.

They could merely refuse to pay thoughts their Moon in Aries, preferring to pay a lot of thoughts to their stellium in Pisces.
Others have a look at a planet in a late or an early diploma of signal they don’t like and declare it to be within the subsequent signal, or the signal prior. Nice trick however you’ll by no means be an astrologer should you insist on doing this as a result of give it some thought…

When you do that, you elevate your self above the planets. You look DOWN on them as if you’re the God and it simply doesn’t work that method. The planets will cooperate with this. They offers you nothing however unsuitable info and it’s your fault.

If your Moon is in Aries however you need to learn it as whether it is in Taurus, go proper forward. But you’re in your with it and it’s not astrology in any method or form or kind. You’re a lot better off to appreciate, “yep those are my thighs”. Figure out the way you’re going to work with them.

Is there a part of your chart you wish to deny?

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